Show Guide Information

Please check your company information listing for the MD Expo NO LATER than March 5th. Verify your listing by following the link below:


You will need to enter this username and password:

Username: exhibitor
Password: exhibitor

Search entries with your company name. Once your listing is located, please click on edit / approve and review or make any changes and click on update at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, contact lisa@mdpublishing.com.


Personnel Badges

Use the form below to register any and all personnel who will be assisting in the booth or attending MD Expo on behalf of exhibiting company. Each booth is allowed (2) booth personnel. Any additional personnel will be charged a $150 admission fee (fee includes hospitality events, education and trade show admission). Completed forms must be submitted by March 26th.

  • (as it should appear on badge)
  • separate each name with a comma