Monday, September 20

Show Guide Information: Company descriptions and company contact information must be sent to MD Publishing by this date in order to be featured in the MD Expo Show Guide.

Monday, August 2

Sponsorship fees: All sponsorship fees MUST BE PAID IN FULL.

Friday, September 24

Advertising materials: Deadline to reserve advertising space and submit ad materials for the MD Expo Show Guide.

Friday, September 24

Reserve hotel room: Deadline to reserve hotel rooms at the group rate of $145/night.

Monday, October 11

Booth personnel due

Monday, November 1, 11 am-4 pm

Exhibit hall set up hours: Exhibitor booth set-up for the tradeshow. All booths must be set up by 4 p.m. for the Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall.

Monday, November 1, 4:30-7 pm

MD Expo Welcome Reception (in Exhibit Hall)

Tuesday, November 2, 12-2:30 pm

MD Expo Exhibit Hall

Tuesday, November 2, 2:30-5 pm

Exhibitor booth dismantling

Tuesday, November 2, 6 pm

Finale Party @ Ravello Lounge