Continuing education is a huge part of the MD Expo and the recent conference in Las Vegas was no exception. Attendees flocked to the classrooms for seminars by the industry’s top speakers.

MD Expo examined how it could share the most popular classes online. Weeks of planning and an investment in high-tech equipment made it possible to record the presentations so that they can be shared on the Internet.

Watch the recorded presentations below!

Biomed To Hybrid HTM Service Professional – Are You Prepared For The Leap?

presented by Alan Moretti

An Efficient And Cost-Effective Approach To Medical Equipment Assessments And Acquisitions

presented by Izabella Gieras

Wireless Networking And Integration With Medical Equipment

presented by Edgardo Garcia Guel

Creative Problem Solving and Engineering Skills for the Biomedical Equipment Technician

presented by Dustin Telford

MD Expo Vegas 2015 Education